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Leavenworth, WA

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It’s April in Leavenworth, one of our favorite times of the year. On the valley floor, flowers burst out of the ground, the pear trees awake from their winter slumber, courageous rafters make their first forays on the Icicle River, and many days you can almost convince yourself it’s t-shirt time. Over 700 miles of trails start to show themselves as the snow inches away from town and back up the mountain draws. Oh, the mountains. Don’t forget them, as skiers still thrill all month to epic conditions and a snowpack that just won’t quit.  Yes, Mother Nature lets Leavenworth have our cake and eat it too in April.  

Speaking of eating, we look forward all winter long to our annual April prost to pears. We grow more deluxe organic pears than anywhere in the nation, so tantalize your senses with culinary works of art all month long saluting our Bartletts and Boscs.   

Add to that our Spring Ale-Fest, Bavarian authenticity and Northwest hospitality, and we have the site for your perfect April getaway. 

Spring is in full swing in Leavenworth.  Come celebrate with us! 


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